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Computer Crashing (Not Overheating)

Question asked by jonasvandy on Jul 31, 2015

This is my build list for reference:


Okay I built this computer and from the beginning, it would crash if I tried to run a game on it. It's fine for anything else but gaming. At first I thought it was my PSU (I originally bought a Thermaltake TR2 500w) so today my Seasonic S12G 550w came in and I was excited because I thought it would fix the issue. obviously that isn't the case or I wouldn't be typing this. Then I began to do some troubleshooting:


Switched PCI-E slots

Updated BIOS (using M-Flash, not Live Update)

ran GPU stress test (Furmark)

uninstalled drivers, rebooted, installed drivers, rebooted

Updated AMD chipset drivers

msinfo32.exe (everything seemed to be in check though I wasn't 100% sure what to look for)


Now here is the interesting thing. I uninstalled all the AMD GPU drivers, rebooted and started up a game that would crash my computer in under a minute (Asphalt 8: Airborne) I finished a race and I did not crash (although it was 7 fps the whole time).


Any help would be awesome. I'm leaving for college the 14th of August and really want to have this issue fixed by then.