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    Win 10 negates custom installation of driver


      I cannot install the AMD hdmi driver as it wont produce sound when I connect to the living room tv for gaming, I have always used the onboard sound driver as it works on both my monitor and tv.  I usually select custom installation and uncheck the hdmi driver but Windows 10 just ignores this and performs a background install of the driver anyway, is there any way to prevent this using your installation package as Windows 10 really doesn't care what I want to do and does its own thing, I have tried uninstall and delete driver in device manager but thats a load of rubbish as it reinstalls the 'deleted' driver.


      I'm asking here because asking Microsoft will be pointless.

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          Hey demonvesper,


          Although Microsoft has created quite a few issues by forced driver updates, there are ways to circumvent them. Follow the steps below to properly install what you do or do not wish on your computer.


          • Step 1: Open Windows search as seen below.

          AMD Device Driver Installation Settings 1.png

          • Step 2-3: Note Step 2 at the lower portion and step 3 is at the top right.


          AMD Change device installation settings 2-3.png


          • Step 4-7: Apply all settings as noted below.


          AMD Device Installation Settings 4-7.png


          • Step 8: Restart your computer for the changes to fully take effect.


          • Step 9: Now you can properly install drivers manually as it was previously.


          NOTE: Remember any and all changes made here in the case you wish to revert back to the previous automated state in the future.


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