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    I want to buy AMD based HP laptops.


      So, I go to hp.com and navigate to find lots of (older) models listed.

      Pavilion 17 laptops | HP® Official Store



      Then I click to configure and get


      It says "The kit cannot be purchased at this time."

      What's the point of displaying the models in the first place?

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          This looks like a question for HP more than AMD.


          (Speculation:  Maybe HP gives first dibs to retailers who make big orders, and there isn't enough supply yet to leave enough for the US HP store.  I don't remember which retailer, but I've seen Aug 17th as a date some models may be shipped from a retailer, so maybe there are still a few weeks before some models will be available.  AMD doesn't own its own fabs, so it may be at the mercy of fab and manufacturer schedule slips.  I think HP outsources the assembly of its own laptops, so it may be at the mercy of a factory's schedule slips.  Being a big brand it should have a lot of clout, but it might not use it on low-price models.)