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    Radeon HD 6470M: Screen Flicker Under Windows 10


      Acer 7551G-7606 with Radeon HD 6470M.


      Ran the Windows 10 64 bit in-place update. There is now a lot of flicker going on - horizontal lines - particularly when moving the mouse.


      Per AMD support, Catalyst 15.7.1 for Win 10 64 bit is the driver I need, so I downloaded and installed it. After rebooting, the problem persisted.


      I then removed the display driver altogether using Device Manager and rebooted. Windows applied a generic driver so I got a very low resolution. I then reinstalled the Catalyst driver and rebooted yet again.


      Still flickering.


      #BleedingEdgeProblems.. anyone else seeing this?

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          I have the same computer as well, and same issue. I tried installing the driver from the acer website that came with the computer but it just crashed it on install. Acer doesnt list this computer as one of the "supported" models.


          I did notice that when i play a video game, full screen or windows, with the video card working full on the flickering disappears. But once the game is closed, the flickering comes back. The flickering also dies down or goes away when i have a webpage in full screen mode as well.


          Unfortunately i have no idea how to get it to stop. I know its an issue with the 6470m across multiple computers.

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            I may have a solution!!!


            So i downloaded the drivers from the Acer site. Unzipped to a folder.

            Then i went into Device Manager. Update Driver on the wrongly shown 7400m Driver.

            Then choose "Browse my computer for driver software"

            Then "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

            What shows up is AMD Radeon HD 6470M (twice) AMD Radeon HD 7400M series, then basic display.

            Choose one of the 6470M.


            My computer proceeded to update the driver. Then crashed with some error.

            But when windows restarted...lo and Behold....the driver states 6470M.


            NO FLICKER!!!


            I havent restarted yet...and have no idea if Windows will revert to 7400m But so far so good.

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              when u put dxdiag in cmd it show u directx 11.1 or 12, and did u tested any build? if the answer is yes, did dxdiag showed u directx 11.1 or 12

              in my case a6-3420g + 6470m, with builds it showed me like d12 , now with the final release , its d11.1

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                Same symptoms with a 290X on Windows 10 (CCC 15.7.1) and Radeon R9 290X.  Random (but often enough to be very easily noticed) screen flickering, appears to get worse when screen redraws are happening frequently.


                Seems to happen after switching display modes and rebooting seems to fix it for me.

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                    Display mode as in resolution?

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                      I'm having the same issue with a Gigabyte R9 290 Windforce, since the last AMD driver update in July even in Windows 8.1. I've then installed Windows 10 and the issue occurred with both the 10.7 driver and the 10.7.1 which was released a day or so after Windows 10.

                      I've noticed that it only happens when I run dual screen both at 2560x1440. If I switch to single screen there is no flickering. I've moved the video card to a spare PC and clean installed Windows 10. The driver that Windows 10 installed through windows update which is the July 15th release appeared to work ok (tested for about 1 hour), then I installed the latest AMD driver which is 15.7.1 and the issue started within 15 minutes.

                      The cable does not matter, I've tried HDMI, Displayport and Dual Link DVI, all have the issue when dual screens are connected. (Currently one monitor is plugged into DVI the other into a displayport connector)


                      I uninstalled the driver back to the Windows 10 driver that came from Microsoft Update but the issue surfaced very quickly so something must have been left behind after the driver uninstall. The issue does not seem to happen with an R9 260 card using the same driver and config so this must be quite a hardware specific bug.


                      Hopefully AMD will fix this issue soon as I don't wish to downgrade to single screen.

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                          Very similar problem here too. I got Sapphire R9 290x, three screens (Dell U2412M), two of them connected via DVI, one via Displayport.

                          Now everything was ok, when on Windows 7, running AMD-Catalyst-15.6-Beta-Software-Suite-Win7-64Bit-June22 drivers.

                          Using newer drivers on Win 7 (15.7 or 15.7.1), or migrating to Windows 10 (any drivers) causes the problems. The problems appears after a while in 2D mode (desktop), or when sometimes when exiting 3D application to 2D and also when the computer wakes up.

                          The problems includes horizontal flickering and image tearing, very annoying, across all the screens. It seems that when moving mouse or a window, the flickering is much more frequent. Whenever the display adapter is restarted, the problem disappears for a while. Fullscreen application does not seem the be affected by the flickering, but I discovered that some of them might cause the computer to hard lock (hard reset required).

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                            First of all ... you're not the first person I've seen mention problems with that card. Check Google and the AMD Reddit (/r/AdvancedMicroDevices).  And open a ticket with Gigabyte.

                            But in my case the problem the problem was hardware (bad DisplayPort cable).  if you're really convinced it's a driver problem for you, I'd recommend a clean Windows 10 install.and maybe even a temporary reversion to your previous operating system.