Radeon HD 6470M: Screen Flicker Under Windows 10

Discussion created by zudnic on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by neomail

Acer 7551G-7606 with Radeon HD 6470M.


Ran the Windows 10 64 bit in-place update. There is now a lot of flicker going on - horizontal lines - particularly when moving the mouse.


Per AMD support, Catalyst 15.7.1 for Win 10 64 bit is the driver I need, so I downloaded and installed it. After rebooting, the problem persisted.


I then removed the display driver altogether using Device Manager and rebooted. Windows applied a generic driver so I got a very low resolution. I then reinstalled the Catalyst driver and rebooted yet again.


Still flickering.


#BleedingEdgeProblems.. anyone else seeing this?