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860k package temperature

Question asked by rabbit2027 on Jul 31, 2015

Hello, I bought processor AMD 860k with boxed cooler. I measured the temperature under load using HWmonitor. CPU - 39C Mainboard - 54C Package - 90C. What is a Package? Then I measured the temperature with the help of AMD Overdrive. Thermal margin was 25C. In the BIOS temperature - 35C(idle). I replaced the thermal compound and reinstall the cooler again, but the situation has not changed with temperature.I tried to touch the processor heat sink, it was warm to the touch, but not hot. Also I have tried to touch to the touch motherboard back side, near the socket. There also was not hot. During heavy games had no errors, no bsod. Should I worry about this, or everything is fine. What the program shows the correct temperature: HWmonitor or Amd Overdrive. And if this situation is not normal, tell me what to do.

What do you think about this article. According to the author, trusted third-party programs, such as HWmonitor not worth it to measure the temperature of processors amd, more suitable Amd Overdrive.


Just I installed the program Aida64. Temperature readings are the same. There is not option Cpu Package. Also, this option is not in the program SpeedFan.