Nerfed Performance When using 15.7 & 15.7.1 Drivers on A8-5550M

Discussion created by aznkeverino on Jul 31, 2015
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When playing games such as CS:GO, GTA:IV, League of Legends, Minecraft and more, using the 15.7 & 15.7.1 Drivers on both Windows 8.1/10 I get up to 50% FPS decrease.

Although it gets interesting, after installing the newest drivers performance on these games runs just like how they were on the 14.12 Omega drivers. However after shutting down my laptop for the night and starting it up again the next day, performance on these games are nerfed.


Laptop: Lenovo G505s

APU: AMD A8-5550M with Radeon HD 8550G.

OS: Windows 10 Home