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    R9 390X 15.7.1 Drivers are broken!


      I have had my 390x for almost 2 weeks now. With 0 problems.


      But when the 15.7.1 drivers came. It went crazy.


      Ingame after like 1minute i started to drop alot of fps. Down to like 10-5fps. The screen started tearing and went black. My compute froze. I had to restart my computer.


      And i get popup messages on the right side. "windows 10" fresh install" that the graphic drivers failed and it resets.


      The message is : Graphics Driver AMD has stopped working and has been restored.




      Windows 10 Fresh Install

      MSI 390x 1080mhz

      I7-4790K @ 4,6 Ghz "Cooled with H100i Hydro"

      Kingston HyperX Savage CL 11 2400mhz DDR3

      MSI Gaming 5 Z97 1150

      Samsung EVO 850 250Gb x2

      Nzxt H440/Black/Red Edition "Silent Edition"




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          Yes! I've been having the same problems aswell. I have tried everything but nothing works on Windows 10. If anybody has a suggestion please let me now.

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              Hello sir. I finally fixed this crap!


              Follow these steps


              1. Download DDU From Guru3d

              2. Clean it and tick the option only shutdown no restart

              3. Take ur gpu out

              4. instert ur gpu back again

              5.install the drivers again

              6. and voila it will work



              I did this and now its working like a charm!

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                  That's good to hear! I went a different route.


                  1. I went back and clean installed Windows 8.1


                  2. Used DDU in safe mode just in case for drivers.


                  3. I put in the CD that my Gpu came with.


                  4. Then I went to Device Manager -> Display adapters -> Microsoft Basic Display Adapters


                  5. Right-click the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapters" listed under the display adapters and select 'Update Driver Software'. Choose "Browse my computer for driver software" and point it to the CD.


                  6. I did download the MSI gaming app from the CD. After all said and done it's working like a charm! Looks like I'm not upgrading to Windows 10 or 15.7.1 until they get all the bug fixes out of the way.