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R9 390X 15.7.1 Drivers are broken!

Question asked by wamilanut on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2015 by slvdemon

I have had my 390x for almost 2 weeks now. With 0 problems.


But when the 15.7.1 drivers came. It went crazy.


Ingame after like 1minute i started to drop alot of fps. Down to like 10-5fps. The screen started tearing and went black. My compute froze. I had to restart my computer.


And i get popup messages on the right side. "windows 10" fresh install" that the graphic drivers failed and it resets.


The message is : Graphics Driver AMD has stopped working and has been restored.




Windows 10 Fresh Install

MSI 390x 1080mhz

I7-4790K @ 4,6 Ghz "Cooled with H100i Hydro"

Kingston HyperX Savage CL 11 2400mhz DDR3

MSI Gaming 5 Z97 1150

Samsung EVO 850 250Gb x2

Nzxt H440/Black/Red Edition "Silent Edition"