Radion HD 6620g Slow and Crashing

Discussion created by aneroph on Jul 31, 2015

After upgrading to Windows 10 the other day, I started to notice that Youtube videos were not playing as smoothly as I thought they should. I tried to watch a video in full screen and it ran slow enough to be a slideshow. I went through many possibilities to figure out what it could be, but I realized that my desktop wasn't moving as smooth as it should be either. I opened Terraria and recieved the same issue, then opened a movie saved on my hard drive and also saw frame dropping (a looot of frame dropping). Upon trying to open Netflix (both the site and the app) it would crash my app or browser immediately.


I reverted to a Windows 8 driver for the 6620g and it seemed to improve performance significantly. Youtube was no longer dropping frames, movies on my hard drive played fine, the whole computer in general seemed to run faster and smoother. Netflix still crashes no matter how I try to open it, Youtube will crash on occasions, full screen video in Youtube still lags like a slide show, and some of the websites I try to go to will crash (including AMD site that crashed twice trying to get here). I re-upgraded my driver to 15.200.1045.1 to see if maybe it was fixed now and it isn't. Everything is still running slow as heck. Do I need to just give up and revert back to Windows 7 because this graphics card can't handle 10 or do I just need to give it some time to be fixed or is there something I can do?