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New driver for R9 m3xx

Question asked by desperado97 on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by kingfish

Finally after a long wait , AMD released a driver for the r9 m3xx , i have the r9 m375 on my Lenovo z5-70 laptop however the graphic card was preforming really bad till now , so i was thinking it maybe a driver issue as the driver im using now Date is : 2-1-2015 and this r9m375 is released on may thats mean the driver is released before the G{PU it self being released , today when i was checking if there is an update for the graphic card i finally found that AMD released a new update at the driver date was updated to (i forgot the exact date but i think it was 15-7-2015) i thought this would fix the low performance issue but after installing the driver and everything is done i tried to open a game and try if there is any difference so what is actually happened is that my PC screen turn BLUE and it say ur PC RUN into problems however getting my old driver fixed it. any help?