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    How Many AMD Fans are ALSO "Train Simulator 2015" Fans ??


      Hi Guys,


      The "Train Simulator 2015" Game is SUPERB !! ( TS2015 )


      It Began after the Fall of "Microsoft Train Simulator" ( MSTS ).


      Ever Since 2009, as "Railworks", "Railworks 2 - Train Simulator", "Railworks 3 - Train Simulator 2012", "Train Simulator 2013" & "Train Simulator 2014", It Has Now Become TS2015 !


      It is on "Steam" and is Updated EVERY Year, For Free, and we are Just Waiting for "Train Simulator 2016" - In September 2015 !!


      There are Over 70 Routes from The UK, Germany and the USA, Plus China, Africa and Japan !


      There are Hundreds of Locomotives, and Thousands of Scenarios - Various Games to Run, to Take Passengers, Freight or Just Marshalling.


      There are Steam Locos, Diesel, and Electric, and Many Tutorials to Follow.


      If you are Connected with "Twitch.tv" or "Youtube", you can Get an Idea of the Gameplay - There is Streaming Every-Day !!


      My New ( To Me ) "Sapphire TOXIC R9 270X 2GB GDDR5" - Absolutely "Eats It" !!


      I Hope that YOU Can Enjoy ????


      Kindest Regards,


      Joseph Peter Sheehan

      "PENTACONE Peter"