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[CCC Help] GPU Scaling on 5:4 (VGA) resolution

Question asked by uknivalen on Jul 31, 2015

Hello. I recently salvaged my old desktop by putting in a new mobo and AMD A6-6400k. I'm using the integrated graphics processor on a 5:4 monitor (1280x1024) through VGA. I'm trying to get a number of games i play on 1280x800 resolution.


I researched a lot, and found that i could do it with GPU scaling options.


1- Opened Catalyst Control Center

2- Selected "My VGA Displays" -> "Image Scaling"

3- Enabled GPU Scaling

4- Options are greyed out with "Scale image to full panel size" selected


Now the strangest thing i found by experimenting around the application is this: At first i thought VGA port is the porblem since it's slowly becoming obsolete etc. But then i changed my desktop resolution to 1280x800 and suddenly i can switch GPU scaling options. When i switch back to 1280x1024 resolution, gpu scaling is set back to "Scale image to full panel size" (aka Give User Cancer).


Is there anything i can do to make this work ? I'm fine with registry editing etc. I don't want the hassle of switching back and forth in between resolutions constantly. This issue has made me reconsider of purchasing nvidia products, even though i had used amd since my childhood...