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Radeon HD 6700Series broken

Question asked by kh40tic on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by kh40tic

Hello there,

i'm not sure if this has been asked/solved yet,

i got this Problem third time this Year, always searching for hours for Solutions,

ending up setting back my Windows to older Catalyst Version to get it working again.


Well now i installed Windows 10 so only Driver working is the newest i guess..


Here's the Problem:

Like written in the Top Line, i am using a Radeon HD 6700 Series on my 32" LCD TV Screen.

Which usually works perfectly fine.

Until i get a newer Catalyst Software on it,

then the Texts get all fuzzy and the Colors look totally dark and ugly.

I can't Play or Watch or do anything on it without being totally distracted by it.


i hope someone can help me or i swear this Graphic Card will burn tonight.

So sick of all those dozens of Hours wasted in trying to Solve this.


Just because AMD is too stupid to get their driver Compatibility working correct.