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where is my directx 12? help????

Question asked by lmh95s on Jul 31, 2015
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am I the dumb one or what exactly happen? From the moment i use amd driver... i am never, NEVER happy. *sighpie


Processor: AMD A-10 6700 APU

Graphic: AMD radeon HD 7300 series <= what this mean?? 7300 SERIES? what exactly isit? no specific model name by just a 'series'??


So do i get to stucked in directx 11.2? or can it be directx 12? mine alrdy a win 10.

FYI, i dont even see information from AMD site?! it only has a 7300M, for laptop?! Im so confused and annoyed. I cant even overdrive it (even by a fragment, its not working well) How sucky can this be??? why i find that its worse than my laptop nvidia 730m? I have absolutely no idea about my this amd graphic card at all... need help. thx