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Windows 10 no legacy drivers

Question asked by gecata9208 on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by kingfish

Hey everybody,

I'm running windows 10 64bit and I have video card HD 4830 , I tried to install the drivers for win 8.1 because I didn't find any for win 10, but and the end of the installation I get an error "OS not supported ". So how can I install the drivers.

Things I tried:

Unchecking everything unnecessary in the installation package.
Running installation with compatibility.

Manually installing the CCC - again the same error as above.
I installed the display drivers trough the device manager , but because I have with Flat TV i need the CCC in order to fix the underscan issue.

My system:

OS:WIndows 10 64bit
CPU: AMD Athlon X4 650
MB:ASROCK (dont know the exact model but I can check)
RAM: 2x2 GB Kingston HG
GPU: Sapphire HD 4830 1GB 256mbit.


Thanks in advance for your help.