Radeon R7 200 Windows 10 dual monitor setting

Discussion created by yahorse on Jul 31, 2015



I have 47 inch plasma tv that is jsut about to do 720p. It worked fine intil once I had installed Windows 10 I went into the Catalyst suite and decided to set the display to the predefined HD options to 720p. This made the screen go black, and when I plugged in my monitor to troubleshoot the monitor only displays when I plug out the HDMI cable for the tv. I uninstalled and tried again but now each time the tv wont appear.



Is there any way to reset the display so it picks up the tv as new again? I think it keeps thinking its set to the HD option and the TV cant support it.


Would be good to have auto revert features for any changes!


Please if you can help me that would be great.