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    860k package temperature


      Hello, I bought processor AMD 860k with boxed cooler. I measured the temperature under load using HWmonitor. CPU - 39C Mainboard - 54C Package - 90C. What is a Package? Then I measured the temperature with the help of AMD Overdrive. Thermal margin was 25C. In the BIOS temperature - 35C. I replaced the thermal compound and reinstall the cooler again, but the situation has not changed with temperature.I tried to touch the processor heat sink, it was warm to the touch, but not hot. Also I have tried to touch to the touch motherboard back side, near the socket. There also was not hot. During heavy games had no errors, no bsod. Should I worry about this, or everything is fine. What the program shows the correct temperature: HWmonitor or Amd Overdrive. And if this situation is not normal, tell me what to do.

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          What do you think about this article. According to the author, trusted third-party programs, such as HWmonitor not worth it to measure the temperature of processors amd, more suitable Amd Overdrive.



          Just I installed the program Aida64. Temperature readings are the same. Only option Cpu Package there. Also, this option is not in the program SpeedFan.

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              Core Temp, HWiNFO, AIDA and AOD all use the same procedure for measuring the internal temp of the CPU which is often referred to as "core" temp. The name given to the internal CPU core temp however varies by applet. There are also applets that list a "CPU temp" when they are in fact showing the CPU socket temp, which is generally 10-25C higher than the CPU internal core temp depending on the load and duration applied to the CPU/socket.


              The problem with reading temps on modern AMD processors is that only AMD engineering has the correct algorithm to properly process the temp register output from the CPU core temp sensor. According to AMD Engineering these applets are reasonably accurate in the 60-70C range. None of the temp/hardware applets read the low temps of an AMD processor correctly. They can even show negative temps at idle. Just ignore the low temps as they don't matter. All that matters is the maximum temp is within the specified max for your particular processor.


              NOTE: AOD use to show CPU temp the same as Core Temp, AIDA, and HWiNFO. Then instead of updating to the proper AMD algorithm so the low temps would also be accurate, instead the AMD employees who wrote AOD on their own, decided to use the 70C temp figure where the FX model CPUs start to lower the frequency - by design, to prevent the CPU from overheating and being damaged. Using 70C to determine thermal margin is not the correct user maximum temp as stated on the AMD website for a given CPU model. As such the AOD software that displays thermal margin instead of the actual CPU temp, is incorrect and shows up to 9 degrees C too much thermal margin. The reason this 9 degrees C is important is that the FX CPUs typically start to have processing errors when they reach the mid 60C range. If you're having CPU/system issues and AOD says you still have 5 degrees of thermal margin left, you're not likely to figure out that the problem is the FX CPU is already overheating as 61C is the max user CPU temp. Thus I would suggest NOT using any version of AOD that shows thermal margin to determine if your CPU temp is too high. Core Temp, AIDA and HWiNFO will show a pretty accurate temp in the 60-70C range and that's the best we have for now.


              The max user operating temp for the 860K CPU is 72.4 C and it appears that HWiNFO is showing 39C so your CPU is a long ways from even being hot left alone too hot.