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[Windows 10] Horrible Text/Image Quality and programs being locked at AMD Catalyst Control Center

Question asked by zhythe on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2015 by gccruz

Hello Community & AMD Staffs,


I would like to report this problem because this problem has really been bugging me even when I was still using 8.1. It was a mistake for me not reporting it before since I found the solution for it but right now, it's just over the line. I'm using a Lenovo G50-70 Laptop and it has 2 switchable graphic cards (Intel HD Graphics + AMD Radeon HD 8500M).


I've got rendering problems on some applications in Windows 10 (at Windows 8.1 as well) because those certain applications are locked and me not having a chance changing it to High Performance (except for using those Modded Catalyst Control Center that were made by the community or changing the file name to a different one). Although, as for now I'll just give searchui.exe as my example just to elaborate what my problem is and since searchui.exe is the one that really irritates the me (right now) considering the horrible text/image quality, palletes changing its color when scrolling down and such.

AMD Catalyst Searchui Locked.png


Here are the images that I screen-capped from its normal phase to the horrible quality. Yes, I haven't arranged my Start Menu since I'm really terrified with this problem making me so uncomfortable and lazy to arrange it.


Search UI Normal.png


Every pallets have the same color and has normal quality. After scrolling down a bit...


Search UI Semi-Normal.png


Some pallets are turning black and some icons+texts are on bad quality. After scrolling down again...


Search UI Semi2-Normal.png

Semi-Normal 2

Most of the pallets are turning black. You can also see how the icons+texts has a really bad quality in this image. And after scrolling down once more...


Search UI Bad.png


Every pallets are now black and captions are unreadable. After clicking the Start Menu button and clicking it again...


Search UI Bad2.png

Bad 2

Even the pallets on the top are all black.


There you go. Hopefully I did explained the gist of my problem properly and yes, this problem also happened on my previous Windows (Windows 8.1), not just Windows 10.


How can this problem be resolved? If AMD could give us a choice to remove the lock for changing each applications' graphic setting (Switchable Graphic Settings).

Why? Here is an example on how I resolved this problem in some applications.

Gamepanel Power Saving.pngLet's say, gamepanel.exe is on Based on power source or Power Saving setting.


Game Panel - Power Saving.png

The "There's nothing to record. Play some more and try again." (which runs for gamepanel.exe) text quality is horrible.


Gamepanel High Performance.png

And after switching it to High performance...


Game Panel - High Performance.png

Exactly, "Woah." The text quality is now normal.


If you're asking  "are my drivers updated?" Yes it is. I just recently updated it before taking these screenshots. If you have any other questions, kindly ask. I won't bite.