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    Windows 10 Displayport error - 2 x 6970 - HELP!


      Hi there,


      I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 last night, and now my DisplayPort isn't working. Blank screen. I had to use an older 1080p monitor through DVI so i could get access to windows. I upgraded my AMD Drivers to the latest (15.7 i think it was). still no luck. Each time i connect my main monitor it comes up with a DisplayPort error in windows. Never had this problem before.


      Although, i did find i tried updating to 15.7 in windows 7 and i had the same issue. But, i was still using the previous driver when i upgraded to Windows 10. So that was interesting..


      As you can see from my below specs, i do use a 27" iMac as my main display through DisplayPort. From PC to iMac. iMac only acts as display. I have not had any major issues since i have had this setup going from 2011 to date.


      My PC Setup:

        • Intel I7 2600k OC to 4ghz
        • Gigabyte Z68XP-D3
        • 8GB Corsair Vengence 1600mhz RAM
        • OCZ XTC cooler rev 2 (RAM Cooler)
        • Corsair Force 3 SSD 120GB
        • Wester Digital 1TB Caviar Green
        • 2 x Gigabyte 6970 HD OC (running in Crossfire) - factory overclocked to 900MHz (Core) and 1375 MHZ (Memory). (I have tried both in crossfire and single GPU).
        • Corsair HX1050 power supply (1050watts)
        • Corsair Vengeance Black C70 gaming case
        • 27" Monitor @ 2560 x 1440 (iMac 27" i5 used as monitor direct through DisplayPort)


      The only thing that has happened similar in the past, i had to switch my GPUs around on my motherboard. I may try this tonight.


      Please help!