Problems with drivers for HD 7870, Win 8.1

Discussion created by panzerace on Jul 30, 2015

This just started yesterday. In the middle of a game, the screen goes light gray, sound stops and the computer crashes. Reboot, and just after the load screen for windows I get a bunch of horizontal lines on the screen (similar to this:  but not as bad). Trying to boot fully into windows and the computer crashes, no input possible. Restart in safe mode, everything is kosher. Fine, seems to be a display driver issue. I uninstall all the AMD drivers (what idiot made it so that you can't run the factory uninstall program in safe mode?), reboot, everything is fine. Install fresh drivers, crash during install (which I'm reading isn't uncommon....), reboot, bam, graphical glitches again. Uninstall AGAIN, re-install AGAIN, and again, it crashes when it actually tries to launch windows. At this point it seems to be potentially an issue of my card itself dying, rather than the drivers itself. Anyone have any input, or suggestions for software that can check the cards hardware status?



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