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Screen resolution problem since updating to 15.7.1

Question asked by killershark1978 on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by darksareph

I just want to report a problem I am facing with my displays since upgrading to windows 10 and Catalyst version 15.7.1, ever since the upgrade I am having problems with duel monitors, my first and main monitor by your own screen recognition is "BenQ G2420HDB, DFP, DVI, 1920x1080 @  60Hz, here I have no problems.


The Second monitor is a Samsung 40" Smart 3D TV screen, model information by Samsung is "UE40H6400", by catalyst recognition "SAMSUNG, DTV, HDMI, 1080p @ 60Hz" here I cannot match the screen resolution with the screen, I have tried every single resolution option that is available to me and none of them fit, ether I loose a ton off the edge of the screens or the screen is crunched up wasting a ton of space ether side of the screen, like I say I have tried every possible resolution available and none of them fit, I never had this problem before installing windows 10 and the 15.7.1 Catalyst update.  It maybe the case that Windows 10 is causing this problem, but cant be sure since I updated both to Windows 10 from 8.1 and Catalyst to 15.7.1 at the same time before I checked it working on the Samsung TV running as a second monitor, but ether way I feel its important for AMD to force there software to work correctly along side the latest Windows OS and create a fix for this problem, thanks.