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Windows 10 HD5000 problem

Question asked by pentikost on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2015 by pentikost

Hi guys ! I have a problem about my gpu. Before i was using Windows 7 and my gpu was working amazing. Yesterday i've updated to Windows 10 and now i am having harsh issue.


I'll list my problems below.


1- When i was using Win7 my amd graphic card was primary on High Performance setting. When i was on battery i was using Intel HD Graphics. Now my primary gpu is not AMD its shtty Intel HD !!! Do you know any idea how to disable intel graphics and push my lovely AMD as primary?


2- All my games are crashing For example i am Leauge of Legends player and when i m trying to open it, its going to all black and nothing is visible on launcher.


3- I had another issue also a few mins ago and it was while my laptop was opening my screen gone crazy and it was blue-black changing color, almost 5-6 mins it was like that and after laptop turned off itself. When i restart again it was the same but after a few try i managed to open my laptop.


Thanks & Regards.