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Radeon 7670m stays ON always inspite of switchable graphics

Question asked by arduino_guy on Jul 31, 2015


This is my very first post in the forums. The issue I'm facing is that my graphics card- radeon 7670m 1gb version stays on always in spite of no application listed under 'high performance' is being used. Due to this my laptop heats up and the battery drains quickly. Disabling and re-enabling the card in the device manager fixes the issue, but the card kicks back on after some time. This issue has been in existence for some time and that too across 3 different operating systems(Win 7,8,10). Sadly, disabling the card in the device manager doesn't turn it off on win10, pretty strange.

Now some details about my system:


Latop: Dell 5520

OS: Win10 Home

Graphics Card: Radeon 7670m/Intel HD 4000 series


If any more info is needed, I'll be happy to provide it. Please help me resolve the issue.