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HD7950 Linux driver issue

Question asked by hughwhat on Jul 30, 2015

Hi, I have a HD7950 and I am running Linux Mint 17 I have two monitors.


A while ago I started having issues with the graphics where I would watch a video in youtube in full screen in chromium and at seemingly random times when I would exit full screen the previous image would always flicker on screen usually when the mouse remains still, Changing tabs in chromium would result in flickering between the current tab and previous tab. Once this had happened it seems that some times moving the chromium window to the second monitor would stop the flickering but not always. Also once the flickering occurred in a session games would sometimes have graphical glitches colours messed up and strange lines everywhere. Loging out or rebooting would fix this issue. firefox would not cause this problem but play back was awful in full screen.


I thought I had fixed the flickering issue when I removed the pepperflashplugin-nonfree package, however after updating to the 15.5 drivers the problem returned after a few weeks, however once the flickering occurred other programs were affected a lot more, VLC would not play full screen just a black screen, Steam crashed when trying to play a video. Using open source drivers I have no flickering issues nor do I have poor performance in firefox, however a lot of games that I want to play are not displaying correctly. I have another partition with windows on and games and videos play absolutely fine.


If anyone has anything to suggest that would be great.