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CROSSFIRE on R9 290 Problem On Win10

Question asked by therealnapster on Jul 30, 2015

Hi Guys,


My crossfire doesn't seem to turn off... even on desktop I can see the other card fan is spinning, I've install a fresh copy of catalyst 15.7.1, but no luck.. The only way it will turn off is to disable crossfire and re-enabling it again.. But once you use a browser or open any application ( Not Games ) it will turn back on.. I've also checked the ULPS on the registry is = 1, so I assume when I'm not in gaming the other card will automatically shuts off by it self. Anyone knows how to fix it?


My setup


Hyperx 1866mhz - 32gig

Asus r9 290 Direct CU II x2

1200watts corsair

Samsung 850evo x2

BenQ Xl2430T -144hz