After driver update, eyefinity issues

Discussion created by zachspear on Jul 30, 2015

hey everybody, at work so I'll be trying fixes this evening when I get off.


I Had a horrible battle with windows 10 last night, ended up resetting to 8.1, then realized I hadn't updated to the latest video driver.


In a nutshell, I've tried countless times to reconfigure my eyefinity display to properly work with three monitors to no avail.


My catalyst is showing the three displays, but not when trying to build an Eyefinity display, I never get the 3x1 option. And I'm also unable to activate the third monitor at any point through the windows options, if they're all three plugged in, it only displays 2, and when one monitor gets unplugged that was working, the other kicks on. But never all three.


any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Also, this can't be an adapter issue, or monitor issue, as this setup was working perfectly prior to the 15.1.7 update, resolution for each monitor is also properly set.