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Sony Vaio SVE Series AMD Radeon 7670M Windows 10 Drivers Blue Screens

Question asked by bytezz on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by d718

Upgraded to Windows 10. Everything went nicely except AMD's stuff. These drivers are plain faulty. Downloaded 15.7.1 software and the driver I got from Windows Update is 15.200.1046.2. This driver is confirmed to fire BSODs at you as soon as you boot up. I had to go into safe mode multiple times now to try to fix these issues. It's unacceptable. I am using my Intel HD 4000 graphics right now until AMD can somehow push an update out to fix this. On other sources, I have seen the 15.200.1065.0 driver is 100% working without BSODs but I am here looking for driver updates in my Windows 10 device manager but it keeps stating I'm on the latest.


Please help me and fix this ASAP as my GFX card is integral for my work.