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    W 8.1Pro drivers problem



      I have a MSI motheboard the A88X-G45 Gaming and a R9 280 Graphics Card, I'm in the 14.501.1003-141120a Catalyst driver version.

      It says the last drivers are the 15.20.1062 but I can't do the upgrade.

      With this version it starts the update but won't finish it. halfway updating my monitor says NO SIGNAL screen goes black and will stay that way no matter how long you let it (after the 2 time it took more than 5 minutes I gave up.)

      Luckily for me after each reboot it goes back to the 14.501 version.


      Anyone else has had this problem?


      Edit: Version 2 of this problem, I get the autodetect.exe from amd and I use it and it says to me that I need amd-catalyst-15.7.1-without-dotnet45-win8.1-64bit. (which is different from what the catalyst says I need but don't know why) I download and install it. this time without a problem.

      After I reboot I get one of the weirdest "errors" I've ever seen. Tecnically I have internet, my pc says internet connection is ok, but the only thing that works is youtube. nothing else works. not speedtest webs, not feedly or bing/duck duck go, nothing. And that while on chrome, I tried using opera and The Tor bundle and those say there is no connection (while I have a video playing on chrome on the background)

      Needless to say I got no clue as to what this may be, and I have to revert to a previous restore point.


      2015-07-31 20_52_48-Greenshot.png


      Youtube working on Chrome and the rest is dead...