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Thank you for the 15.7's!!!!

Question asked by sharkfood on Jul 30, 2015

WOW!  I've been waiting for VSR for my R9-280X and I finally got it.


I can now enjoy these terrible, alleged "triple-A" titles that somehow forgot to include real AA so their games can be enjoyed by those of us that budget for powerful PC's.


I love the color, clarity and FINALLY smooth graphics from my investment from last year.  I also certainly hope AMD will consider adding 4k (1920x1080 x 2) VSR to the R9-280X series if it's possible since I have no gripes with performance to speak of.  I love my hardware and get astounding performance and would easily suffer a 400% performance drop for cleaner, smoother visuals for the growing sources of dev shops that are too fat and lazy to code for your hardware.  Regardless, my current 1920x1080@75hz gaming rig has super high frame-rates and super smooth performance no matter what I throw at it.


I am more than happy to sacrifice a LOT of performance to smooth out the lazy devs that only implement post-process, crappy AA with your VSR.


These new 15.7 drivers rock.  There is nothing I have run with them with even the slightest hitch or issue with them.  I custom build all my PC's and these are rock-stable and perform great... plus offer some amazing VSR alternatives to crappy dev shops & games to improve the visuals.