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Eyefinity problem on windows 10! Is there any tip?

Question asked by joshego on Jul 30, 2015

after i install my windows 10, my 3monitor system can not run in 3240*1980 in eyefinity anymore, has any one have the same problem? here are some pictures to my problem(sorry for my chinese OS system but im sure anyone would be able to guess out what these things are).


here it still looks fine, but once i click next, my mouse curser will look flipped like this:IMG_5728.JPG

There is an invisible mouse curser in the system, i can't see it but i can drag things around, to make u understand this i have this picture taken:IMG_5729.JPG

the blue area i select is with the invisible mouse, the flipped curser moves in a 90 degree different direction toward where the invisible mouse moves, and I can't do anything with it( click, drag etc.), i have to use my imagination to click things with my invisible mouse....

i have the newest version of 15.71 driver installed( all the other versions are the same ), i'm on a 3 hd7950s  crossfire system.IMG_5733.JPG

and i used a mst minidp hub to connect my 3 monitors: IMG_5735.JPG


is it a capability issue with windows 10? my old windows 7 never has this issue. is there anyone can help?

much appreciated for ur time!