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    Multimonitor setup not working after Windows 10


      Just upgraded Windows 10 today and have run into a bit of an issue. I have a 3 monitor set up, 2 running on DVI and 1 on HDMI which are connected to my r9 280. However after upgrading today the two monitors connected via DVI are not displaying any picture at all, while the one with HDMI is. I downloaded the new Catalyst update for Windows 10, yet nothing changed. Under "Desktop Management" and "Creating and Arranging Desktops", all my monitors are shown but the two that are connected via DVI are labeled as disabled. I tried going through Device Manager to re-enable them and it says they weren't disabled at all. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks!

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          Have you tried uninstalling the AMD Drivers/Catalyst in safe-mode, and re-installing AMD Drivers/Catalyst? You may need to use something like Display-Driver-Uninstaller. Give that a shot and report if it is still happening.

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            I'm having a similar issue (R9 290, 3 monitors, 1 through DVI>VGA adaptor, 1 through DVI, 1 through DVI>HDMI adaptor, only DVI>VGA working).


            Again, the other monitors show up in the Creating and Arranging Desktops screen, but I can select "Extend" from the triangle drop down, but it returns the error that "This operation is not supported based on current display configuration". I can do this on each of the non-functioning monitors, and it then greys out the "Extend" option until I click "Detect" again, which resets it and allows me to click "extend", and get the same error.


            These screens are also the only ones that show up before windows loads fully (as it was in Windows 7, the BIOS and pre-loading screens show up on the DVI and HDMI monitors, and the VGA screen is selected as primary when the login screen kicks in).


            Additionally, in the Windows Screen Resolution dialog, the VGA monitor is the only one identified (as a non-plug and play monitor, despite being correctly identified by CCC), but is identified as monitor 3.


            I don't know how many of these symptoms are replicated on mjkaramali's setup, but these are all the unusual bits that would cause me to wonder why it's not working.


            EDIT: It seems that removing the HDMI monitor, detecting, enabling the DVI one, then re-connecting the HDMI, redetecting and enabling both seems to have gone some way to fixing the problem. I've now got images on both screens, but the aspect's all wrong (the monitors appear to be acting as widescreen when they're normal 4:3, they have a whole picture at 1920x1080, and black bars along the sides at their native 1280x1024). I'm going to try restarting to attempt to fix the issue.


            EDIT2: Ok, restart didn't do it, but it seems that it was an issue in CCC. My Digital Flat Panels > Properties > (select monitor) > Image scaling preferences. Ensure that the option "Scale to full panel size" is selected.

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                Hello bibble89,


                Thanks so much for you contribution, I have managed to get one monitor back online with your method (1 of the DVI monitors). I now have a HDMI an DVI Monitor both working simultaneously, however, the 3rd DVI Monitor remains disabled no matter what I do.


                EDIT: Both monitors now turn on after some tinkering around, however now both DVI monitors are giving me an error that both monitors have "Input Signal out of Range, Change Settings to 1600x900 - 60hz". However, no matter what I do in CCC, I cannot fix this.

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                  I am also having a very similar issue.  I have three identical monitors that worked just fine with Catalyst Omega.  I am in a habit of updating my drivers regularly.  However after updating to Catalyst 15 (any version so far), one of my monitors refuses to work without disabling one of the other two that are working (only two of the three will enable at any given time).  I have since upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with no apparent difference.  In fact, I had to disconnect all but one monitor to get a visible desktop after Windows 10 was installed.  I downloaded and installed 15.7.1 from the AMD site (64 bit version for Windows 10) with no effect.


                  my graphics card (from Speccy)

                  ModelAMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
                  Device ID1002-6819
                  SubvendorASUStek Computer Inc (1043)
                  Current Performance LevelLevel 0
                  Voltage0.900 V
                  GPU Clock860.0 MHz
                  Temperature45 °C
                  Core Voltage0.900 V
                  Bios Core Clock150.00
                  Bios Mem Clock150.00
                  Driver version15.200.1062.1002
                  BIOS Version113-AD41100-103
                  Memory TypeGDDR5
                  Memory2048 MB
                  Bandwidth153.6 GB/s

                  my motherboard (from Speccy)

                  ManufacturerGigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
                  ModelGA-970A-UD3 (Socket M2)
                  Chipset VendorAMD
                  Chipset ModelRD9x0
                  Chipset Revision02
                  Southbridge VendorAMD
                  Southbridge ModelSB910/950
                  Southbridge Revision40
                  System Temperature39 °C
                  BrandAward Software International, Inc.


                  I have four outputs on my video card - 2 DVI, 1 DP, and 1 HDMI.  I was using the 2 DVI and the HDMI in a three monitor Eyefinity setup before upgrading to Catalyst 15.x.

                  Since this behavior persists with Windows 7 or Windows 10 on my system, I strongly suspect that the drivers are not liking my system for some reason.

                  I have uninstalled with DDU and reinstalled clean, multiple times, with no different results.


                  Please AMD, help me out here!

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                    I was having a similar problem. One of my three monitors wasn't workng. I did as you suggested but the "Scale to full panel size" was already selected. But just to experiment I selected "Maintain Aspect Ratio" and clicked Apply and the non-working monitor started to display again. I set the the setting back to "Scale to full panel size" and it's continued to work fine (so far). Thanks for the original tip.


                    So based on my experience, try this:


                    My Digital Flat Panels > Properties > (select monitor) > Image scaling preferences. Sellect "Maintain Aspect Ratio" and 'Apply' > Select "Scale to full panel size" and 'Apply' > see if the display reappears...

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                    Hi folks,

                    I had the same issue and I think it's the new drivers that they broke. AMD asked me how I fixed it so I told them I used an older driver, but they have yet to respond to that.


                    I found Catalyst version 14.9 got it working again.


                    Older ones can be found here : Downloads | techPowerUp


                    Obviously this is still not ideal and I hope it is just temporary until they fix it properly.


                    Just thought it might be useful to others who have grown accustomed to more than one screen like me.

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                        I have been doing some reading and I think that it's possible that I need

                        to purchase an active display port adapter.  I really don't understand why

                        my set up worked before with just a passive adapter.  the video card did

                        not change.  the rest of my system did not change.  I stopped at my local

                        Best Buy and bought another adapter in the hopes that it was fixed this

                        problem but it did not.  no one at the store could answer the question as

                        to whether it was passive or active anyway.


                        I think I'm going to hit eBay tonight and see what I can find.  I can

                        always hope for a driver fix but I'm not sure when it's coming anytime soon

                        and I'm not downgrading to Windows 7 again.

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                          are you on win10 as well???


                          Im getting 2 errors when trying to set up my 5.1 portrait array.  one comes after I start selecting the "blue corresponding monitor" and the other is a freeze as soon as I select "arrange" .

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                            Still with the same problem here in the windows 10. I have a Radeon HD 7850 with two monitors connected on both DP with DP/DVI adapter and a monitor in HDMI. In this momentonly in HDMI monitor works, the others get out of range (both LG W2252QT).


                            If I use the 14.9 everything works, but now with the release of starwars game I need an updated driver.


                            Any idea?



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                            Hello! I was having the same issue. After installing AMD Catalyst Omega 14.12 I haven't had an issue (except Windows 10 wanting to reload a newer driver).


                            I can confirm this issue in Catalyst 15.7.1 and in the WDDM driver that Windows tries to install automatically. My two 20" monitors say "Input not supported" and show disabled in CCC. The 23" is connected via HDMI and the two 20" monitors I have tried both on DVI-D and one on DVI-D and the other connected to the DisplayPort through an active adapter.


                            I have an ASUS R7 265 (R7265-DC2-2GD5) running an Acer 23" Touchscreen and 2 Acer 20" Monitors.

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                              Similar issue with dual monitors, 1 through DVI, 1 through DVI>HDMI adapter and ATI Radeon HD 4800.


                              Win10 displayed perfectly after the upgrade, however on restart I was presented with a blank screen and NO cursor. I since rolled back to Win7 and looking for solid solutions before upgrading again.


                              - I have since updated my drivers, but wanting confirmation if there is a Win10 64bit driver for ATI Radeon HD 4800.

                              - Sounds like HDMI adapter might be causing the issue....

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                                So I've got my desktop to appear like it's in eyefinity mode (with CCC not desktop ext.) but now my pointer is pointing down and only using the first 1/3rd of the array....



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                                  I have the same issue but with 2xdvi and 1xdisplayport(active) everything worked fine in windows 8.1 but after the upgrade to windows 10 even with a CLEAN install of the latest drivers im told that im not allowed 3 screens only 2 and if the display port is connected when i start my pc all i get is a black screen w/o the mouse, im using a HD7870-DC2-2GD5 V2, as a developer im finding it very hard to function w/o my 3rd screen, and i found that loading screens for games like swtor are like the old no signal static screens you get on your tv back in the day just fuzzy while it loads but the game plays its self once loaded.

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                                    as a follow up post, I have received my active DP adapter and installed it.  I was able to get all three monitors working, with Cat 15.7.1, with little effort and no problem.  I'm not sure why it with Cat 14.x without the active DP adapter, but I am very glad it's working now.


                                    I haven't done any gaming yet, but that won't take long.

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                                      Got this working now, by installing the AMD drivers from my laptop manufacturer's website.

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                                        I want to add that I also lost my 4th monitor in Windows 10 x64 after Catalyst 15.x (not sure which build), and installing Catalyst 16.4.1 didn't fix anything. I downloaded 14.9 and used it to uninstall all AMD software/drivers, rebooted, installed 14.9, and not I've got all four monitors back. I'm not a gamer, I use my four monitors for dtp and watching videos, so I can stay with 14.9 indefinitely, but it would be nice to see it fixed in the new builds. My setup is a Sapphire 7950 Flex with two DVI, one HDMI, and one displayport (mini displayport connected to an active Displayport box and full size displayport plugged into that). In my case I lost the HDMI, and switching monitors around, it was always the HDMI-connected monitor that wasn't detected. Now, with 14.9 installed all four are detected and they were working as they had for me since Windows 7 through Windows 8 through 8.1 and into Windows 10 (all 64-bit) until the later AMD drivers broke it.

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                                            Here is how to Setup And Configure Multiple Monitors On Windows 10

                                            1- Right click on an empty space in your Windows Desktop(From the monitor that you want as your primary monitor). From the context menu that appears, find and click on the option named Display settings.

                                            2- The Settings window will open up. Click on the link that says Identity to display numbers on the corresponding screens. You will be able to find a drop down menu by the name Multiple Displays. It will have the options Duplicate these displays, Extend these displays, Show only on 1 and Show only on 2. The one you need to select is Extend these displays. Since you want this particular monitor to be set as your primary monitor, you can check the checkbox corresponding to the option Make this my main display.

                                            3- Now if you want to change the orientation of your screen, you can make use of the drop down menu associated with the Orientation option.

                                            4- Also, if you want to Change the size of text, apps and other items, Once you are all done, hit the Apply button for your changes to take over. You can set the settings for the other monitors as well, following the same way.

                                            Source:- https://merabheja.com/multiple-monitors-on-windows-10/

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                                            i have this problem whenever i open Minecraft of all things and it just cause my resolution to flip out and both monitors disappear and become one "generic Php monitor" thing.
                                            what I do to fix it is go into Radeon settings
                                            go to system

                                            and hit disable clone

                                            this resets both my monitors and and they flip out for a minute before they sort themselves out and go back to normal.

                                            if this doesnt help you i hope it helps someone else having the same problem