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Witcher 3 and First Regret!!

Question asked by ezequiel_arriba on Jul 29, 2015

Hello my name is Ezequiel. And from brasil and sorry for the crapy Englis!!!


I'm posting this discution because i'm having problemas whit crossfire on witcher 3. Always when a enable crossfire the game start fliquering and the water effect didn`t work!! Anyone have the solution because AMD until now dont apresent me a solution


And i`m really sad because i always prever de amd GPu because a never had to much money to spen on GPU!!... and now a have money and get 2 r9 290 to my new game rig!!...and i'm starting to have second thoughts!!...because a have a friend that spen the same money them i in a nvidea card and the game is always on 60 fps with the same configurations!!


Sorry for the emotion outburst!!...but i really need!! And any one have the solution for my problem??


=D thanks!!