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Driver bug/crash since 15.7

Question asked by jhereck on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by jhereck

Hi !


I bought a MSI R9 390 two weeks ago, and got problem with it since catalyst 15.7.


The problem is that the screen "crash" randomly on the desktop or ingame after some time, no matter the fact that it's a 3d application or not.


It looks like a memory bug, and they seem to be linked with cursor movement, or keyboard entries.


I first thought at a hardware problem, but after a reboot of the computer, the problem disapeared. So i went back to catalyst 15.15 and didn't get the problem anymore.


I got 4 displays : 1 on display port, 1 on HDMI, and two dvi. Disabling a display when the crash occur stops it, and displays went back to "normal" for a moment.


Problem is that i installed Windows 10 today, and catalyst 15.15 does not want to install properly on it..... So stuck with catalyst 15.7 or 15.7.1, which is buggy also.


Help pls !



VID 20150729 202153 - YouTube