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Lync.exe 2013 won't launch with ATI Radeon R9 255 version 14 or 15 drivers

Question asked by harpers on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by akiwi

I have an Asus desktop PC with an ATI Radeon R9 255 video card installed. I also have Windows 8.1 Pro x64 and/or Windows 10 Pro x64 (issue exists in both versions). I have Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 + all updates. When I have the drivers of version 14.x or 15.x (any version of 14 and 15) installed, I can't launch Lync.exe. It hangs on the starting splash screen. I need to uninstall all Catalyst drivers and all components and install version for Windows 7 x64 (and install in compatibility mode) in order for Lync.exe to launch. This is fine for Windows 8.1 Pro, but Windows 10 FORCES updates. There is no way to prevent it. As soon as I remove the drivers and install the older one, or as soon as I roll the driver back to the previous version (in this case 13), Windows decides it is smarter than me and upgrades it to the latest AMD version 15.200.x.x and once again Lync.exe won't start. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating because I rely HEAVILY on Lync.exe for my job.


Any assistance in getting Lync.exe to launch with the latest drivers will be MUCH MUCH appreciated.


Thanks so much!!!!!!!




Accidentally stated it was an R7 when in fact it is an R9 card.