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Lenovo Z40-75 AMD Dual Graphic Problem

Question asked by tedyanggara on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by thelichprince

Hello guys, my name is Tedy.

I am from indonesian, i came here for help with my new laptop

Anyway am still new member here so please i need you support thanks.


Okay here's my problem.

Last month ago, i bought new laptop.

I am an typical gamer user so i take Lenovo Z40-75.

Here are the spec for my laptop.

Processor AMD A10-7300

Base 1,9 GHz/Turbo 3,2 GHz

Memory 4GB DDR3 @1600 MHz (Single Channel)

Storage 1 TB HDD @5400 RPM

Graphics APU: Radeon R6 Graphics

Discrete: Radeon R5 M230

Dual Graphics: Radeon R6 M255X


Okay here's my problem, i love playing game. And this is my first gaming laptop. (My previous laptop is standard laptop but good enough for play smalls game not middle or HD game) I reccently installed many games like Far cry 4, Watchdog, Sleeping Dogs, GTA V and etc. My computer has dual graphic like lenovo said. It has Radeon R6 M255X. And it has option to turn off or turn on dual graphic technology on CCC. My problem is, whenever i switch dual grahpic ON the games become so slow. i can see it from benchmark that include from the itself like sleeping dogs or GTA V. I can see when i switch it on the FPS become so low 18-22 FPS but when i switch off and use APU only regardless APU+GPU the game has more FPS 30 FPS. So i want to ask, why this happening? why when dual graphic is on my game become so slow? But on CCC said i can have more performance when is on dual graphic. i have tried to install it on Win 7 or Win 8.1 but the result still same. I cant see the difference. My driver is always up to date but i dont see the problem is fixed. Please anyone who know this please help me to answer this question. Because its really pain for me. It has dual graphic but i only has good performance on single graphic.