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r9 390 dual monitor issue

Question asked by eatthis on Jul 29, 2015

I bought an r9 390 last week and i run 2x 1920x1200 monitors. they both worked fine until yesterday.



yesterday the left hand monitor turned off saying no input.

Heres where it gets odd, if i leave both monitors connected but switch the left 1 off then everything works fine on the right hand screen.



if however i leave both connected but turn the right screen off, then the left screen stays off/no input.

Obviously this leads to the conclusion that the left monitor is knackered, WRONG,

if i disconnect the lead to the right hand monitor then the left screen springs into life and works normally.



With both connected when i open ccc it seems to be stuck in a monitor detection loop resetting every second or so, i upgraded to the latest drivers with no difference.



do you think my card has thrown a wobbly?