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    Eyefinity 3 Monitor 2x19 Inch  1x23,5 Inch


      Hi I can`t get my 3 monitors aligned right in eyefinity, so i want to ask if it is possible to have a setup like that with eyefinity.

      -gpu : R9 390

      -23,5 Inch monitor resolution : 1920x1080, connected with HDMI

      -19 inch monitor resolution: 1280x1024, connected with DVI

      -19 inch monitor resolution: 1280x1024, connected with Displayport

      All three monitors have exactly the same height.

      I can`t align the monitors right no matter wich Mode I`m using:

      Fit Mode


      Expand Mode


      Fill Mode


      So is there something I`ve missed or is this setup impossible with eyefinity.