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    Hydragrid on Windows 10


      Hello everyone!

      I recently upgraded to windows 10 Pro 64 bit, so far no glitches with graphics or my displays. I run an Eyefinity setup with three monitors, I run an AMD HD 6850. In previous versions of windows I usually would install hydragrid which would make it more convenient when telling my windows to maximize. They would maximize only to the only monitor instead of going full size across all three displays; even though windows sees all my monitors as a single large display. Will hydragrid be update to work with windows 10? I keep getting this





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          I'm just testing out Windows 10 now. I installed the 15.9 drivers, then used the 14.4 mobility driver to install the HydraVision package. HydraGrid is working well except for one small (use case) scenario. I use ObjectDock and remove the Windows TaskBar which I find much better on three monitors. On Windows 7, HydraGrid would snap windows in the lower quadrants all the way to the bottom of the display, but in Windows 10 it leaves a gap where the taskbar used to be. As well, there is a small gap between windows now, where Microsoft has clearly trimmed the fat on their windows.


          Would love to say this could be fixed... but I don't think Hyrdavision has been touched since ATI was bought by AMD.


          Might have to resume the search for window management software (but it all hates eyefinity)