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    Windows 10


      Let's put this out there for everyone to discuss.  I've been running Windows 10 since the first week of the Insider program on two different PCs and do recommend this over Windows 7 and 8.1

      If you want to share your notes on upgrading, impressions, issues, etc - put them here and let's make sure those who want to upgrade successfully do so!

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          I concur in recommending it over 7 and 8.1.

          I wish my experiences were smooth and flawless; but when it rains, it pours, right? Of the systems in my house that I have upgraded so far, 2 of the 5 were flawless. Of the 3 that weren't, 2 of them experienced hardware failures that may have contributed to the difficulties.


          The most common issue I have encountered is a corrupted install that results in an incomplete user personalization upon first login. This problem is best recognized by the lack of function in the UI, and will refer to a lack of application install from the store. Features that are missing when this occurs:

          • Action Center does not function, but icon remains in notification area of taskbar.
          • Start Menu is unresponsive to left-click or Windows Key.
          • Cortana and Edge are not available, but icon remains in taskbar.
          • Settings is not available (Control panel is still accessible via right-click of start menu)

          Fixing this is hit-or-miss. You can try deleting the user account by signing in to an administrator-level account on the system and then recreating the account to attempt to reinitialize it, or you can do a clean install of the OS (if you upgraded, then your key has been activated to Win10 and is able to be used in a reformat install - double check that your key has been activated on Windows 10 before attempting to reformat).


          Clean installations are always preferred, and it is recommended that advanced users first upgrade their key and then reformat to a clean installation once the key is activated.


          My experience is by no means a reference of what other users may encounter; as I did mention that the problematic systems exhibited issues before the upgrade was performed.

          I have had no other problems with the OS since build 10041.

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            I'm almost 39 years old now... I grew up with no computers, and any video gaming I did was at the local arcades at .25 cents a game.  Through the years I never got into pc gaming, until fairly recently (2012) my son stated playing Minecraft... because apparently all the kids were doing it.  Well, we stated him on a laptop... and that's where I got my first real experience with Windows.  That's where my pc interest started... Windows 8.  I soon realized how fun pc gaming was... and I have built 3 since, all machines run Windows 8 (or 8.1 after the updates).  It is the only operating system I've used, except way back in the 90's for college CAD classes.  Anyways... I'm not looking forward to updating to 10, we are too familiar with 8.  It will be like learning to ride a bike again.  Someday it will probably be necessary, but not now.  If we see that games run better on 10, we may switch... but I've heard bad stuff about it so far.  Plus, I'm kinda tinfoil hat... so all the tracking has me worried about privacy policies and what not.

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