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    Cant install anything in windows 10.


      I just installed windows 10; everything worked great originally, my old win 7 drivers and catalyst control center worked just fine. Then I was prompted to upgrade to 15.7 for win 10. It uninstalled my catalyst control center and everything my computer needed to run well. Now my computer is moving at a snails pace as my processor will only operate in a default lower frequency mode. I cannot revert computer nor simply install the win 7 version again what do I do? I need the catalyst control center and drivers for my computer to run.


      I am running an A4-3300 APU with HD 6480G. Below is the error log from the last successful operation on.


      <description>AMD Catalyst Install Manager</description>



        <size>20 </size>








          <hwinfo>Hardware information</hwinfo>

          <existpkg>Existing packages</existpkg>

          <pkg2inst>Packages for install</pkg2inst>

          <pkg2uninst>Packages for uninstall</pkg2uninst>

          <otherdev>Other detected devices</otherdev>

          <errmsg>Error messages</errmsg>



          <chiptype>Chip type</chiptype>

          <chipid>Device ID</chipid>

          <otherhw>Other hardware</otherhw>

          <download>Download packages</download>



          <vendorid>Vendor ID</vendorid>

          <classcode>Class Code</classcode>

          <revisionid>Revision ID</revisionid>

          <ssid>Subsystem ID</ssid>

          <ssvid>Subsystem vendor ID</ssvid>

          <header1>Catalyst™ Install Manager</header1>

          <header2>Installation Report</header2>

          <finalstatus>Final Status:</finalstatus>

          <versionofitem>Version of Item:</versionofitem>




        <error><msg>Driver Install: the specified driver package was not installed for matching devices</msg></error></monetreport>