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    XFX R9 280X VGA monitor, only displays 0_


      I just bought 280x video card. I only have a CRT monitor with VGA connector. When I turn on the system, the BIOS POST displays properly, then when the boot process starts, all I see is a 0_ in the bottom right corner of the screen. The system boots into Windows XP, which has Catalyst 14.4 driver installed (also tried with no driver installed), but the monitor continues to just display the 0_ .  I have multi-boot, XP 32 bit, XP 64 bit, and Win 7 64 bit, but there's no boot menu, just that 0_, a long delay before anything happens, and trying to select Win 7 is futile because I'm probably getting some sort of error message when trying to select Win 7, but I can't see it, just the 0_.


      What I suspect is happening is that the 280X is defaulting to the DVI-D connector or one of the other ports, even though there's nothing connected to those ports. So the DVI-I port which I have connected to a VGA monitor is not being used, once the boot process starts up.


      Is there some way to set which port on the 280X is the default boot port?