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R9 M275 annoying randomly frequency drop/stuck low in Lenovo Y40-70

Question asked by parkouryule on Jul 28, 2015

I have 3 problem to report About AMD R9 M275.


My laptop y40-70 has 8G RAM, i7-4510u, R9 m275x 2G, 256G SSD. I have both win8.1 and win10 installed right now.


Problem 1: after receive 15.200.1046.2 driver on my Lenovo Y40-70 windows 10 10240build  , I got infinite blue screen on every boot up with message"internal power error".

I already try reinstall windows 10, I try install video card driver from official Lenovo support for Y40, the driver vision is 15.200.1050, no blue screen at all and it would makes the windows updata auto skip the new 15.200.1046.2 updata. I also try reinstall windows10 and just let windows updata download and install all drivers, the blue screen comes out again after it install the new 15.200.1046.2 driver.  


Plz fix this.


Problem 2: this problem exited for long times ago, the AMD R9 M275 on Lenovo Y40-70 randomly drop/stuck  low frequency around 300-400Mhz within some 3D games, mostly in GTA5 , by random, I mean, random. Like in GTA5, GPU-Z shown that it sometimesdrop and stuck to 300 Mhz at only 68℃, which is like just start the game 3 mins, and the game drop to 14fps; But sometimes even start the game for 1 hour, and the GPU gets 85℃, it reminds 925Mhz, the game would stay above 30fps.


This problem not only happened to me, but also a lot of Chinese Y40 user, if you go 百度贴吧and go Y40贴吧, you could find many people have the same problem.


and in Lenovo NA forum:Y40 r9 m275 stuck at 300 mhz - Lenovo Community  people have the same issure but Lenovo does not give a sht.


please dont tell me to plug in charger set high performance those kind of stuff, I already did, and I install all drivers from official Lenovo Y40 driver support site and AMD driver site.


Problem 3: with Official 15.7 driver installed (15.200.1046.0) from AMD driver site ,

In windows 10 10240, GTA5 laggy as hell when scene change fast such as driving, but when you slowly or evern just stand, the fps would remind steady with no lag.


In windows 8.1, GTA5 no lag at all with the same in game setting as in windows 10, besides the GPU random drop low Mhz problem, tha game runs smooth.


AMD please fix these annoying problems. SRRY for my bad English.