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AMD FirePro D700/D500/D300 Windows 10 Boot Camp Driver

Question asked by rodrigopolo on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by macmutsch

I find quite impressive that AMD is not releasing Boot Camp drivers at the same rate as Nvidia does, in fact, after seeing how many "updates" are available online it looks like the whole Mac Pro platform is completely forgotten by AMD, and it is embarrassing that the available AMD driver "updates" for AMD are in practice downgrades, the original Boot Camp video driver provided by Apple is stable and fast, the one provided by AMD online is buggy and make many apps to become slower... In the case of Nvidia the history is quite different, original Boot Camp drivers are slower than the updates, they really deliver a better product in each new version of their drivers.


It amuse me that the AMD Catalyst Driver is different from the Mac Pro (AMD FirePro D700/D500/D300) running Windows, in the case of Nvidia the same Windows drivers applies for all video cards.


Windows 10 will be available for free on July 31 after a lot of free and widely available betas... but there was not a single beta driver for the AMD FirePro D700/D500/D300 cards, there is currently a presumably RTM build and every driver provided in Boot Camp works in that build except for the AMD video driver.


When I have the first look into the Mac Pro I was exited about the design and performance until I saw they choose to use AMD GPUs, I was reluctant to try AMD video cards for many reasons, Adobe After FX GPU acceleration doesn't support them, most games are designed for Nvidia and AMD GPUs doesn't have Gameworks, but I though those things were not a big deal, I though AMD were competitive to Nvidia releasing high quality drivers, I though they had something like the Nvidia GeForce Experience, but they don't, and after all I feel that all the feedback and information my friends shared with me about AMD and it's performance falls by its own weight, I hope Apple or any other manufacturer could bring Nvidia replacements for the AMD video cards ASAP.


So, after giving all the background info... Does anyone know when AMD will release the latest AMD FirePro D700/D500/D300 Windows 10 Boot Camp Drivers?