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Is there a way I can help with better reporting of driver bugs?

Question asked by theacclaimed on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by kingfish

This question is meant mainly for AMD's CSE. Is there a way to submit a detailed example of an issue with the drivers and R9 390/390x? For example, demonstrating an issue in order to help with speeding up the time it takes to duplicate the problem?


I was thinking just upload the issues to youtube explaining the issue and showing the exact real world setup (livestream setup) but that can have negative effects which I would prefer to avoid.


I have submitted multiple bug reports to and left my email address each time but never got any response for any of these issues. I sent these bug reports in back before the issues were widespread (back in June). The issues I'm referring to specifically are ones concerning DX11 D3D crashes due to driver conflict when multiple applications are using GPU acceleration. For example, start up a dx11 game. Next, start up a youtube video on the 2nd monitor. Watch as the game client crashes shortly after.


Most of the people complaining online are referring to games crashing such as GTA V, FFXIV, ARK, etc. but these are all related to the same underlying bug.


I'm guessing the answer is no since these problems are found on the Radeon 300 series and not the FirePro series which is in a different market segment (end consumer vs enterprise business). But it would be nice if possible.