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Trying to change resolution and emulation programmatically

Question asked by kevina on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by jossgray

I am trying to programmatic change the resolution of attached monitors and enable EDID emulation.


However, all the commands i need to use, return a -1.

For example

ADL_Display_Size_Get(iAdapterIndex, iDisplayIndex, &width, &height, &dwidth, &dheight, &minwidth, &minheight, &maxwidht, &maxheight, &stepwidth, &stepheight);

returns -1 but

ADL_Display_Color_Get(iAdapterIndex, iDisplayIndex, ADL_DISPLAY_COLOR_BRIGHTNESS, &iCurrent, &iDefault, &iMin, &iMax, &iStep);

using the same value, works.


I'm using a FirePro W5100 driver version 2015.0317.240.2960

Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit Xeon