Compatibility checker crashes

Discussion created by reepca on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by ashaneba

Hi, I recently got a laptop with an a10-8700P in it, and I was wanting to try out some of the software features like Gesture Control. When I downloaded the compatibility checker tool to try to install it from, running it caused a window with some information about my system to appear, with the only interactive option being a button saying "ok". Clicking that closed the program and nothing happened. Downloading the program from , however, caused the window with the available software to correctly appear after pressing "ok". Unfortunately after clicking to download Gesture Control and letting it finish downloading, the program crashed (windows reported "the program has stopped working"). This continued happening any time I tried downloading Gesture Control, and when I went into where it said it was downloading to and manually ran the executable there (in appdata\local\temp) it failed - windows did that annoying thing where it basically said "something went wrong, have fun trying to find it LOL". The last piece of text listed next to "status" when running "AMDGestureControl" was "computing space requirements", which doesn't really make sense - 8GB of RAM / 1 TB HDD should be sufficient. The compatibility checker also crashes after downloading the face recognition software, and trying to manually install it.


My system is a Windows 8.1 HP Pavillion something with an a10-8700P and a discrete radeon r7 M360 graphics card. My catalyst drivers are of version 15.7. If there's any specific information you need, ask away. I'm worried that HP may have screwed something up (it came with the OS pre-installed, and I don't have any spare copies of Windows to do a clean install with).


Any idea what is causing this, and what I can do to try to fix it?