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Blurring in panning with R9 270X only on TV, not monitor after 15.7 update

Question asked by maviscruet on Jul 28, 2015



Hopefully someone can offer me advice.  I recently updated to the 15.7 driver and after my TV is having issues with displaying moving graphics, especially panning shots. I get a quite sever motion blur like effect.  It only effects the 38" TV, not the 24" monitor.  The former is linked via HDMI, the latter by DVI.  The settings hadn't changed, 1920x1080p, 50 or 60Hz makes no difference. The TV is a Sharp, and according to the Catalyst software can run up to 75Hz, though it didn't like that at all.  I have to overscan a little as well, so it's not actually running full 1080p now. 


Can anyone offer any solution, I am not that pleased to be playing games on the smaller screen.