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Driver bug SSD + RAID

Question asked by anglik666 on Jul 28, 2015

Hi All,


I've been using RAID 5 on AMD 9xx chipset successfully for 5 years without a problem. Now I bought a SSD drive and copied a data into it (clone disk) - no problem. Then I start from SDD and I have no problem as well. Problem starts when I was coping my backup data (pictures, videos, musics) back to my RAID 5. Machine starts to restarts when RAID 5 was on the stress of writing. Error: IRQ not less or equal... AHCIx64 - I use 15.7 drivers and Windows 10 10240. In the net I found only that many people have the same problem using AMD RAID + SSD drives. My solution was to change a SATA channel for SSD to IDE but that gives me less performance of about 20%.  Also I found that this driver is from 2012.... even in 15.7 package....

It is reporting a problem but maybe somebody has a clue how I can switch my SSD back to AHCI/RAID and have no restarts ?