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"Display Results" problem

Question asked by mrwitticism on Jul 27, 2015

On the page where you manually select a driver, I put in the required information:


Step 1: Select the type of system you have:

     Desktop Graphics


Step 2: Select the product family your product belongs to:

     Radeon HD Series


Step 3: Select your product:

     Radeon HD 4xxxx Series PCle (it's HD 4200, to be exact)


Step 4: Please select the supported operating system that you have:

     Windows 7 - 64 Bit




I hit the "Display Results" button and Step 1 returns to asking me to Please Select a Value. And of course, as soon as I put "Desktop Graphics" in, the next three steps also return to asking me to fill in their values. This happens every single time. It never goes to the next page to display the results of my search. Any ideas?