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"Dead" AMD Forum

Question asked by natasha on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by natasha

At least, since the Support forum has been moved here, AMD staff seems hasn't look into questions devoted to Linux at all.


From ~35 asked questions and discussions just 2 have been answered (and are marked as answered) by users, not by AMD. May be, ~3 advisory questions like "Which Linux distribution is better for specific purposes?" and one question answered from a side (New computer, Linux & Radeon R9 200 dual cardser) should be added here. 14 questions without any response at all (I haven't taken into account redirections to the Linux branch).


Before the forum was moved, its Linux part had been called "dead forum" by somebody. Seems it confirms this status up to present time...


Could AMD developers participate in the discussions? Or you are waiting until each question will be confirmed 40 times?