AMD Catalyst 15.7 Drivers with Sapphire 7850HD

Discussion created by proicons on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by gurgar

Well this morning the Catalyst Center informed me about the new drivers have been released, so i downloaded them and i installed them.

My Setup is Sapphire Radeon 7850HD with Dual Monitors both on DVI


during the first installaton, my monitors went off and never came back again... so after a 10 minutes of waiting, i rebooted my computer... Wehn i started the computer it said that no drivers have been located, and i was like in the lowest resolution...
So i started again the setup from the C:/AMD/... this time it said everything was OK installation was successful , and it prompted me to reboot the computer... so i did. The installation name was AMD-Catalyst-15.7-Without-DOTNet45-Win7-64bit.

When i restarted i had again the shitty resolution and the message that no driver could be found, even though it said no errors detected.

After that i downloaded again the drivers from AMD Site, but this time the AMD-Catalyst-15.7-With-DOTNet45-Win7-64bit. And before the installation i completely uninstalled the GPU Drivers from the Computer, and the software aswell. I Ran the installation, it installed everything and i got no errors. But still on reboot no drivers detected. Whatsup with the new update? Shoulld i go back to 15.6?