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    AMD Catalyst 15.7 Drivers with Sapphire 7850HD


      Well this morning the Catalyst Center informed me about the new drivers have been released, so i downloaded them and i installed them.

      My Setup is Sapphire Radeon 7850HD with Dual Monitors both on DVI


      during the first installaton, my monitors went off and never came back again... so after a 10 minutes of waiting, i rebooted my computer... Wehn i started the computer it said that no drivers have been located, and i was like in the lowest resolution...
      So i started again the setup from the C:/AMD/... this time it said everything was OK installation was successful , and it prompted me to reboot the computer... so i did. The installation name was AMD-Catalyst-15.7-Without-DOTNet45-Win7-64bit.

      When i restarted i had again the shitty resolution and the message that no driver could be found, even though it said no errors detected.

      After that i downloaded again the drivers from AMD Site, but this time the AMD-Catalyst-15.7-With-DOTNet45-Win7-64bit. And before the installation i completely uninstalled the GPU Drivers from the Computer, and the software aswell. I Ran the installation, it installed everything and i got no errors. But still on reboot no drivers detected. Whatsup with the new update? Shoulld i go back to 15.6?

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          I had the same issue with my Sapphire R9's. Windows can't tell what type of cards I have installed after the failed drive update. I restored my system to the old drivers and they work fine.



          MB: Asus Crosshair V Formula -Z

          CPU: AMD FX-9370 w/ Water Cooler

          Graphics: 2 x Sapphire Tri-X AMD R9 290

          Ram: 32g x 1866

          PSU: 1000w AzzA = MB

          2PSU: 850w Thermotake= Video Card